About this project

Welcome to the Ambal Compendium! This website is a growing collection of lore and story documents detailing the high-fantasy world of Erra, and more specifically the land of Ambal.

Claim Ambal Lore Fragments to unveil the fantastic tales of the compendium (details below). Each fragment unlocks an episode.

Ambal is a game franchise that started with Ambal Tournament, a Kickstarter funded tabletop card game. Now Ambal ventures into the digital realm with the development of Ambal Duels a digital game built on Fragnova.

How to claim Lore Fragments

To unlock episodes you need Lore Fragments. These can be obtained in Ambal’s Discord server using the /claim-lore command from the Fragnova Bot. You will need a Fragnova account if you don’t have one already. An account can easily be created using the /create-account command from the Fragnova Bot. Lore Fragments are claimed in order, starting from episode 1.1 and two Lore Fragments can be claimed per week.

Benefits of having Lore Fragments

Besides gaining access to the Compendium content, these fragments will offer other benefits to their holders.
Follow along as we release benefits such as Discord roles and private channels, trade of fragments and early access to future Ambal projects.
Holders of Lore Fragments will be able to redeem a Lorebook once they collect every Lore Fragment from the corresponding Lorebook. Ambal Lorebooks will offer improved benefits, and owners will be considered early adopters of Ambal.

The Lore

While the world of Erra is vast and mysterious, humans found home in a place known as Ambal.
The land of Ambal blooms since the arrival of the Four Seasons, responsible for great changes in the landscape and aiding in the battle against Shadows and Tormented Spirits. It’s the home of different species like the immortal Yoro and the shapeshifting Tenko, all working on their own ways to purify the land’s energy and find balance with Mother Nature.

Ambal is a place rich with history. There are five capitals, and one important secretive guild—an order of warriors and scholars who retain both the knowledge and power that exists in all, while helping with security and dealing with threats.

The movement of powerful entities spurred a shift in power, and the human capitals find themselves relying on the protection offered by the secretive guild. Uncertainty dawns over the fate of humans, and how they will fare against the increased activity of Tormented Spirits while an ancient force lurks closer to the land. Could the old prophecy be a solution to their woes?

The extent of the Ambal Compendium

Ambal’s lore is organized into different Lorebooks and Tales (short stories), and each Lorebook is composed of chapters and episodes. Lorebook I is currently out and it contains 41 episodes. Lorebook II and Tales are currently in development.